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Trinity Roussell


My name is Trinity and I am a graduate of 2020. I attend Timberview Highschool.  I plan to attend TCC College for two years and then attend a university that will further my career.  I want to become an Art Therapist and own my own art museum and store.


I’m in love with art because it allows me to express the beauty of life in many creative ways.  I love getting lost in the beautiful colors that allow me to define the very things that many of us take for granted, such us life, love, family, health, and time.  I think art is a powerful force that speaks a language to the heart of people that everyone can understand at that moment.  I feel happiness when my pictures speak to the heart of others and motivates them to embrace all facets of creation. Art is beauty and beauty is art and just as art has impacted my life in so many amazing ways I hope that each piece that I create will encourage people and help to appreciate life’s beauty and everything it has to offer.