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Britney Orina


I'm a first generation Kenyan-American artist that attends Timberview High School. Ever since I was little, I knew I wouldn't fall into the traditional career that many parents, especially immigrant parents, have in mind for their kids such as being a doctor or lawyer and so on so forth. I found myself gravitated towards the arts from the age of five from: drawing, sewing, mixed media, and more but photography along with graphic design became my first love.

I developed my love for graphic design in middle school as I would create online book graphics and posters just as something to do for fun. As I got into high school, I found myself gaining interest in photography by my sophomore year and before I knew it, I started to intertwine the media of photography and digital editing together. I found myself learning and exploring more about myself as well as the others around me. Due to that, I feel as if I’ve grown as a person and being conscious about the world we live in because art is an expression of me and the world in all forms and I can't imagine myself pursuing another career choice without art being involved. With that in mind, I decided to make this a concrete future for me.

I'm attending Wade College of Art & Design in the fall as I'm a part of their top 25 program and gaining higher education with this career field will help me strive in hopes of making connections, building my skills and graduating with my Associates in Visual Arts a year and a half from there. I then plan to do internship based work involved with the school as I'm scheduled to do this summer and along the year before heading to art schools out of state in pursuit of a bachelor degree in that area.