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Ayanna D. Green


Hello, my name is Ayanna Green. I am an artist in more ways than one. I believe in the art, I understand the art, and I speak the art. Art is a language and not a lot of people understand that. I believe I use my art to project a lot of issues which include all of my trials and tribulations throughout my 18 years of living. I sing a lot of the times what I feel, and it makes a story; but I would like to say the fact that I am myself, and try so hard to sound like MYSELF instead of the many amazing voices I study, brings me a humbleness that I need at times. I am human and a lot of the times as an artist we are always worried about other’s words and other’s thoughts which can have us stuck in our own heads. But an artist, in your head is NOT where you need to be.

        In everyday, living as a person in your head is not where you need to be because our thoughts at times can be a little dangerous. So after I get out of my own head, and I quiet my thoughts and understand the words of the art, I can finally feel the art. I am a unique artist with a story in each song she sings, whether it’s her own music or a cover of someone else’s song. I’m a young black woman with a story that would minister to others, and I tell it through my art. I plan on majoring in nursing, but I also plan on minoring in music performance. I believe music has made me into who I am.

       God didn’t give me the gift to sit on it, he wants me to fulfill my gift and use it for good; and I believe with me making my own music and ministering it allows me to use my gift as he wishes. I am an artist because I have a story to tell. It’s a heavy story, and I’ve never been great with words or expressing myself clearly, but I’ve always been one with music. Like I said, all kinds of art is a language. So I can speak freely on how I feel and what I have to say can be clear as day only if you understand art. Art is a beautiful thing, I can be walking around in everyday life and because of my connection with music I can hear all types of music. I can taste music, I can see music, and even before I started being serious about music I had that ability. So I knew that art, specifically music, was my language when I saw my connection with it.