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The “Artis the Artist” Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Corporation formed to provide college scholarships and support for students who are furthering their education in “The Arts”.  “The Arts” include: painting, drawing, music, dance, drama and sculpting. This Foundation was founded and dedicated to

Artis James Prestidge, a.k.a.
“Artis the Artist”

  He was an accomplished young artist whose future as an artist was shortened due to his untimely death

$25,000 for 2020-2021




Providing scholarships since 2012, the Foundation plans to branch out into other art related activities such as; art workshops, dance lessons, music lessons, assistance with musical instruments, and acting lessons. These programs will be for youth between the ages of 6 and 18.











2020 Scholarship Recipients
Britney Orina
Trinity Roussell
Endurance-Malcom Badejo
Ayanna Green
Agustin Martinez



2019 Scholarship Recipients
Christopher Wheel
Kenzie Aldridge
Erin Spence
Nehema Kariuki (Not Pictured)


2018 Scholarship Recipients
Roman Jessie
Marleena Garris
Alexandra Hoben
Kayla Barnes



You can support the "Artis the Artist" Foundation several different ways:

Purchasing a Print
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Making a Secure Donation On-line
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Artis-the-Artist Foundation | PO Box 181376 | Arlington, TX  76096

Thank you for supporting the future artists of tomorrow!